So you’ve decided to hire a housekeeper… here’s what you should do before they arrive:

  1. Running water
    Whether you are moving in, moving out, requesting a deep cleaning, or a standard cleaning, your housekeeper will need to have running water to clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and to clean the floors.
  2. Electricity
    It’s important that the electricity of your home is on so that the housekeeping team can vacuum all the living spaces
  3. Air Conditioning
    In the spring and summer, we know it gets hot in the south, we ask that you keep the air conditioning running within the home while we are working.
  4. Pets
    Please place the pets in a secure location. Though we love our fur friends they don’t always love strangers. 
  5. Clutter
    Let’s talk clutter. We ask that you remove all infant structures, toys, dishes, and excess trash from the home. If you need help with organizing a space, let us know we’ll be happy to add that to your booking details.
  6. Broken Items
    Do you know any items that are broken or damaged? Please identify and inform your housekeeper of any broken or damaged items prior to the start of her visit so that we are aware.
  7. Assessing the home
    When we arrive at your home. the housekeeper will tour the home & assess the condition upon his arrival.  We cannot guarantee a full clean of any areas not prepared for cleaning & may require an additional fee.
  8. Heavy Objects
    Please move any heavy object or furniture (10 lbs or more) that you would like us to clean around or under.
  9. Specialty Products
    Do you have any specialty products you would prefer us to use?  You can leave out any labeled specialty products you would prefer us to use throughout the home: (granite, shower glass, floor). If not, no worries we’ll bring our own supplies to complete the job.
  10. Secure Valuables
    All of my MyProHousekeeper housekeepers are fully vetted with background checks and in-person interviews. You can read more about our hiring practices here to learn who will be visiting your home. However, for peace of mind, lock and store away any valuables such as jewelry, important documents, loose cash, and small electronics